Putting The Words, "Thank You For Your Service" Into Action


We are grateful for the quality of service and professionalism both Tom and Art gave us. These hard-working and friendly guys sweated to convert our very overgrown yard into a visually pleasing oasis! I thank you for being the great communicator that you are! We’ll be in touch to schedule future help from Vetraplex!

Andrea & Glenn A.


I wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job on my yard. It was such a mess but now looks great. Also, the price was very reasonable. I’m beyond the age of doing much in the yard. I’m so happy to have someone who obviously takes pride in their work.

See you next month.

I appreciate the hard work done, as well as your fair and ethical business practices.

Thank you,

Carolyn S.

Thank you so much for all the guys who helped take care of my house Gary. Your taking care of me was so much appreciated-Dennis, Russ, Paul; why I probably used your whole list of helpers and with my not being around to explain, compliment or thank them.

I am relieved to be free of such responsibilities in my new retirement unit at “The Meadows of Napa Valley” No yard work, no utility bills, no cooking or dishes to wash. I can be as social as I want to be with about 190 living here.

I hope the maintenance team here is as nice as Gary and the guys at the Vetraplex were to me. Thanks, too, Jenise.

Jean K

“Hire A Vet”. I did. Cary found this ad somewhere? I called, Gary Rideout, 928 284-2022 here in the Village, who has an LLC business of about 15 veterans who does many things. All sort of handyman services are available. $25.00 an hour and if you or your husband is a vet it is $20.00 an hour.

I now have a cement slab at the back door. We like it very much already even though we can’t walk on it yet. It was poured yesterday. James (Jimmy) did the pouring, his speciality. We liked him very much. Monday, Mark will come out and replace some values for outside faucet and main water shut off.

I’ll keep them busy for a while since Tony hasn’t been able to do many things around the house. Need some yard work done. So glad I called. We have met 4, Gary and 3 of his men. We are impressed… even with the tats!


Dear Gary, Bruno, Mark, Dennis, Nate, Bernard, and all of the Hire A Vet crew members,

When I recently bought my first home, I really did not know how I was going manage the number of repairs that needed to be immediately done. I happened across your ad for “Hire A Vet” and decided after the first phone call that I was going to do business with our country’s heroes. I am so glad I did.

I knew I could depend on you, because you served our country. I knew you would do excellent, efficient, skilled work with personal pride and integrity because you served our country. I knew I could trust you because you served our country. As good men and skilled craftsmen, you replaced my entire roof, three skylights, vents, full wood trim, with precision and the attention to detail that is so impressive.

With the absolute artistry of master carpenters, you broke through a wall and installed a new door to a bathroom. It is impossible To tell that the door was not already a part of the design of the building.

After great debate about the gutters on the house, you designed a configuration that not only deals with the water flow, but accents the architectural lines of the home. You painted, you sanded, you caulked, you were flawless in your work and in the cleanup afterwards.

I can’t praise you and your work enough. I’ll definitely be calling again. I’m so proud to work with you. I’m so proud of the work that you do. I am so proud of the work you have done all over the world for our country.

Thank you so much, for once again, being available when I needed you. I am very grateful and will highly recommend you to others. My warmest wishes for continued success.

Very sincerely,

Judith C.

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