Putting The Words, "Thank You For Your Service" Into Action



The Vetraplex – Putting the words “Thank You For Your Service” into action!

What is The Vetraplex
Veteran focused workforce development & economic machine.

Uniquely designed to allow veterans to support veterans in building skills for businesses and their future.

Why the Vetraplex?
There are more than 55,000 veterans living in the Northern Arizona region.


  • 85% of veterans completed high school. (compared to 56% non-vets)
  • 20% of veterans are unemployed. (double the national average)
  • 37% of veterans need help finding affordable housing.
  • 23% of the homeless population are veterans.

Goals of the Vetraplex

  • Generate jobs and career skills .
  • Generate partnerships with local businesses, towns & cities, and economic agencies.
  • Stimulate economic growth within the community.
  • Create a model replicable for the nation to follow.

What Does This Mean for the Region

  • Assist local Government, Tribes, DES, NACOG, VA meet their objectives
  • Help our local economic and socially disadvantaged veteran families
  • Neighborhood revitalization spawning economic development for our rural communities
  • Make a difference in the quality of life for our Veteran’s, Veteran Families and Communities