Putting The Words, "Thank You For Your Service" Into Action

Adopt A Vet, Inc. Non-Profit

Providing transitional housing for homeless Veterans along with life skills and job training.

What Is Operation – Adopt A Vet Inc.?
Adopt A Vet Inc. is a non-profit whose mission is to help homeless veterans and veterans that are at risk of becoming homeless.  The assistance provided consists of transitional housing (6-12 months) at our facility at 125 S. 6th St. in Cottonwood, AZ. It will also provide some employment and/or income opportunities through Vets 4 Hire and some training/education to provide better skills to become independent and end homelessness in their lives. Adopt A Vet Inc., putting the words, “Thank you for your service.” into action.

Where Is Operation-“Adopt A Vet Inc.”?
125 S. 6th St. in Cottonwood but also Adopt A Vet Inc. is everywhere and anywhere a Veteran is in need! “Adopt A Vet” is Nationwide; It’s in our homes, businesses, Veteran service organizations, T.V., radio, newspapers, internet, etc. Most importantly, it’s in our hearts and minds. “Adopt A Vet” is preventing a foreclosure, it’s providing rental assistance, shelter for our homeless Veterans, etc. A small financial sacrifice with a huge “Thank You” as you Adopt A Vet.

Why Operation-“Adopt A Vet”?
If you have served our great Nation, you know why! I have had countless people thank me for my service and also regret they never served. Although sincere gestures, they don’t provide shelter for our 67,000 homeless Veterans living on our streets, in the woods and under bridges. These kind gestures don’t combat the alarming suicide rates of our returning Veterans. These gestures don’t help our Veterans facing double the National average when it pertains to unemployment, and they don’t provide help with providing affordable housing options. These are only a few of the challenges Veterans are facing today. Just pick up the newspaper and turn on the news.

How To Get Involved With Operation- “Adopt A Vet”?
It’s easier than you may think! Buy a “support band” and let your local Veterans and their families know you care and appreciate the sacrifices they have made. Talk to your local churches, Boy Scout Troops, American Legions, VFW’s and anyone who would like to “Adopt A Vet.,” and get them involved. Support bands are now for sale Nationwide for only $5.00. We know what you may be thinking right now: How much of my donation will go to help Veterans? To answer the question, ALL OF IT! No smoke and mirrors, nothing up the sleeve, here is the “open book” version.

FACTS: Buy An “Adopt A Vet” Support Band. Purchase Price: $5.00

Where Is The Money Going?
100% of proceeds go to Adopt A Vet, a non-profit organization providing transitional housing for homeless Veterans along with life skills and job training.

Note: The Vetraplex has secured the trade name in the State of Arizona and has a live trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Please buy your “Adopt A Vet” support bands today OR make a donation. 100% of your donation goes to help a homeless veteran get off the street, find assistance with training, education, employment, and income opportunities, and a hand up, back into mainstream society.

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